Garden Digest: June edition.

Welcome to the June edition of the Gardeners Digest. Every month the designers from create this wonderful and creative blog hop where we share our favorite products and inspiration and other lovely things. Blog hop order: It starts with the 2peas blog, you came here from Lisa‘s blog and after me will hop to Jen’ blog.
This week Tuesday another “in the mood to scrap” video of mine went live. This page is kind of special because of all the drama that went into it: I knocked over a whole bottle of ink on my page and have it on video from 2 different different angles to show it.


For some reason the inter-webs are working against me and I can’t get images from 2peas to work on the blog today. Please click this link to an absolutely beautiful page by geekgalz.

Share with me what is making you happy right now and leave a comment! You might win a $15 gift card from 2peas compliments of yours truly. ETA: The winner of the $15 gift card is: marshatf!!the give away is now closed.

Wilna Furstenberg


  1. says

    The thought of no construction on Sunday makes me happy right now. The neighbor next door is building a house from the ground up and the noise and stress has been getting to us constantly. :( It’s nice on the sunday when the by-law prevents you from working so that I can recover some of my sanity.

  2. Jane Muirhead says

    It’s actually a drizzly, rainy day here in Berkeley which is very unusual for June, but I love the moisture in the cooler air!


  3. says

    I was so happy that my sister loved the album I made for her 25th Birthday! She loved it so much, that we decided to have the engraving I made on the wooden cover tattooed :-)
    From Illustrator to wood engraving to inked on skin My way of mixing media πŸ˜‰

  4. Nancy Hyland says

    I left my comment about Shimmelles collection but it didn’t post my name… her it is Nancy H.

    Sorry about that!

  5. says

    I am totally loving Shimelle’s A perfect collection sheet! I heard her on the paper clipping roundtable with you (I think it was that episode) and promptly downloaded it. I LOVE it!! it quickly gives me the bits a pieces of Patterned Paper that I need in the perfect ratios. I am making pages so quickly and using up my hoard, um I mean collection, of patterned paper and making pages I love!!

  6. says

    I’m loving that so far, summer hasn’t been brutally hot here in NC. I HATE hot weather and it hasn’t been bad. btw- happy belated bday! I read your post last week and wanted to respond but with a doozy of a dental infection, I was barely functioning. :)

  7. says

    Scrapbook inspiration makes me happy….I love all the ideas you share! I took your art class on two peas — trying some of those new techniques. These are things that make me happy!

  8. says

    making me happy right now: watching my older son coach my younger son in tennis. Love the bond between them. So glad God blessed me w/2 kids!! 7 years between them, and yet they are so close in heart.

  9. Tracy Penney says

    Crafting with my daughter’s makes me happy. I love teaching them what I know and watching their own style emerge.

  10. Anonymous says

    Two months of summer vacation…time to spend with my kids without the pressures of homework and tests.

  11. says

    Our upcoming vacation to Disney World makes me happy! (And I’ll be even happier once we get all packed and ready to go!)
    Thanks for the chance to win. :)
    2peas: soccerwidow

  12. says

    Being with my family:) I know it’s cliche, but it’s so true!! And especially right now, my husband is in the Navy and working really hard, we hardly see him.

  13. says

    I love your work, Wilna! Beautiful. Everything summer is making me happy right now, from the warm weather to the smell of sunscreen and chlorine :)

  14. says

    In all sincerity seeing your work makes me happy! I look forward to seeing your videos on your youtube channel and of course on two peas as well! I also have a trip to the art store planned for monday so that’s going to make me happy as well!

    2 peas: aurorwillow

  15. says

    hearing my boys giggling and playing nicely together, which I’m sure won’t last long, lol, but right now it’s like music to my ears…

    I have to tell you I almost had a heart attack watching that bottle fall and LOVED the outcome, such a beautiful layout

  16. says

    Yaaaay! I love your video because this kind of mess happens sometimes hehe This lately I am enjoying the little sunshine of the beginning of the summer and the little moments with te new baby born of my sister πŸ˜‰

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